“Everything You Need to Know in Order to
 Drive a Fabulous Car for Nothing!"


Is motoring costing you a bomb? Even for a basic car?  Top tips, trade secrets, and real life proven examples lead you to free motoring! Real life evidence given.

How can you drive an amazing car for nothing and avoid depreciation completely? The Following clear, waffle free guide is packed with information & illustrations and will provide a guide to driving an amazing car for a period of 1 year without loosing hard earned cash. It will also guide you in minimizing huge costs of day to day motoring!

Time after time friends and colleagues have asked me how I can drive such a nice car without it costing me the earth. I began to get slightly cross as I was being asked so much. This spurred me into writing down all my knowledge and creating this detailed guide on how I do what I do.

In writing the book I realised that Motoring today can be wonderful but at the same time deeply expensive should you not have a decent knowledge about motor vehicles, and the majority of people don’t. It also dawned on me when buying and selling my own personal cars how much money one could potentially loose during upgrading or changing the car, should you not know what you are doing!! You could loose thousands!!

I also became aware that more often than not besides ones house their cars are their next biggest asset. This spurred me into thinking of the amount of money that we loose on a daily basis in vehicle depreciation and running costs such as servicing. My work can help every motorist even with simple things such as running costs! Please note this is an honest genuine piece of work and in order to cover my costs of producing it and making it available there is a cost of £9.95 for the eBook or an extra £3.95 if you want a printed copy sent to you.  But this is a very small amount to pay compared to the amount of money you could save.  And I'll refund you the money if you are not happy with the content because I'm sure you will be.


Summary of Contents.

1. Why this book was written

2. How you can drive an amazing car for nothing

3. How to avoid depreciation.

4. The benefits of buying a new car.

5. The benefits of buying a used car.

6. Which cars to buy new or used.

7. Which brands to buy & why.

8. What to look for when buying a car.

9. What to do in order to sell your car successfully.

10. How to prep your car before selling, including product guide.

11. How to place your advert on the internet, step by step guide.

12. What your ad should contain.

13. What paperwork you should have

14. What factor makes up 30% of your cars value?

15. Tips on how to make your car look good for less.

16. What you should look for when buying a car.

17. Checklist to ensure you get a top notch vehicle.

18. Which brands are most reliable?

19. Should you buy a Petrol car or a Diesel?

20. Real examples of driving a fab car for nothing including pics.

21. How to know how much your car will be worth in the future?

22. What type of car to buy to avoid road tax and maybe even make money on!

23. What options on a car make it more appealing to future buyers and help it retain its value.

24. Inside information on what dealers do with your car if it is traded in!

25. Should you trade your car in or not?

26. Graphs showing how different vehicles hold their value.

27. Car preparation & checklist section



More detailed examples of what you will find in your fab car for nothing guide.....

How can you drive an amazing car for next to nothing and maybe even make some money? There are many factors which should influence what and when you buy, such as the condition, all aspects of running costs and insurance just to name a few. You must consider each of the factors carefully & assess what is best for you whilst knowing the market and what future buyers will want from you and your car. Watch out for depreciation which can loose you thousands unless you have the appropriate knowledge!

Value retention & buying the right brand.

Which brands loose least money? Why do these brands loose less than others and which ones should you buy? The brand is one of the keys to retaining vehicle value! Take a look at the evidence within my work ensuring you buy the right brand.


Certain brands are much more reliable than others and wear less due to better build quality; evidence of this occurs in everyday life and reflects largely in the value of certain manufacturers. Which are the best?

New car or used car?

Which should you buy? Both have advantages and disadvantages but one is key to driving a car for free! Should you choose to do the contrary information is still available to ensure you get the best deal going and save as much money as possible! Of course there are also specific models of cars that hold their value very well, some of which I have owned myself and real life examples are given and illustrated in this eBook.

Which cars should You avoid?

Revealed within the eBook are the cars you should not buy for various reasons.  Don’t be one of those consumers that buys a car and commits themselves to the loss of hard earned money!

See a car you want to buy but not sure how much it will be worth in the future......?  Research has revealed some interesting insights into how you can be sure what your car will be worth in the future, you could even specify the mileage you would do and see the impact on value!  Illustrated in this eBook is the way in which to do so! Its foolproof!

Do you fancy something different?

Maybe we have just the solution for you, a car that is exempt from many running costs yet is a pleasure to own and drive! It is even likely to rise in value! Who knows you make some money as I have! Get your hands on this information for a tiny cost!

I want to buy a fab car but how do I know what to look for?

No problem. This guide will provide you with information on EXACTLY what to look for in a car! It will also let you know what to expect from dealers and how to bag yourself a bargain! Should you still be unsure on what to look for in your new car, use our clear concise vehicle checklists!

How do I sell my car?

Information in my work will guide you into getting the most for your old car whether it is a 100,000 pound car or a 5000 pound car. Make sure you get your advert right with my illustrative guide. You will also learn whether or not to trade your vehicle in and what percentage difference there is between the two. I bet you don’t know what aspect of ownership can be 30% of your cars value when you sell!

Should I buy petrol or diesel?

Look in the eBook and find a good comparison of diesel vs. petrol vehicles in an example provided without having to trawl through a minefield of information.

How do I get the most for my car?

There are many ways of ensuring you get a good price for your car. Find out what potential buyers look for and what will lead you to selling your car successfully. Should you want further guidance look at the car preparation section of the eBook which shows how you should prep your vehicle, wash it (inc products), and look after it!

What paperwork is needed to sell a car?

Use the checklist that has been used by me time and time again to make sure everything is in order. The paperwork is very simple if you know how. The guide and paperwork checklist will keep you out of trouble.

Real life example section.

For my second car I bought a 2003 (53) BMW 320i M sport. I bought this car from a dealer in Staffordshire. The car was advertised at 7,700 pounds and I got it for 7,500 after negotiation. I kept it for a certain period of time and sold it. Find out what happened in the eBook and see pictures of the car itself! Evidence speaks for itself!
For all the information, so that you can start driving a fabulous car for nothing, please order the Ebook download, £9.95. 
If you would prefer a printed copy there is an additional charge of £3.95 to cover printing and postage.
All The Best
Charlie Wright
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